After earning an Honors Degree in English Literature and Professional Writing at Concordia University in Montreal, I subsequently pursued a professional Editor’s Certificate through the Canadian Editors Association, and began working as an editor with manuscripts and professional documents until an insatiable calling to work in film brought me to UCLA to earn a second degree in Film Production and Screenwriting. It was there that I discovered my natural ability and passion for altering others’ drafts, and, before I knew it, I was in high demand amongst my peers as a story editor. Soon after, I began to work as a freelance script analyst in addition to my editing work and have since perfected my skills as not only an analyst, but a writer as well, when my clients began to ask me to perform rewrites on their screenplays or substantive edits on their manuscripts.

Over the past several years I have also worked on numerous Independent Feature Films as an Assistant Director, Production Manager, and Coordinator and have also Produced a handful of very successful short films that have screened at tier one film festivals such as TIFF, Whistler, and Nashville (to name a few) before the films were packaged and sold for distribution across various platforms including televised broadcasts. Outside of Independent film, I’ve worked on big budget shows as a Producer and Writer’s Assistant. I have also interned with top Agencies, Production Houses, Distribution Companies, and larger Script Doctoring services as a reader, script analyst, screener, and researcher, and I currently serve as a judge on numerous international writing competitions. I have written hundreds of Reader’s Reports and Script Analyses throughout my work in the industry as a professional for hire and a freelancer. I know the ins-and-outs of film and publishing business, and I’m not afraid to tell it like it is.

My passion for working with writers is like no other, and through my experience, I have developed a fresh and unique way to turn an often overlooked, dreaded, and at times, uninspiring service into an exciting, rewarding, and motivating process. I’m highly aware of the fact that every writer has very specific needs for their project, and I have made it my business to learn and work within every facet of the film and publishing industry in order to develop extensive knowledge, which I apply to my clients’ needs.