Hiatus: A Really Short Story


It started with knock at the door this morning. Well, more like a pounding, and from the reverberation in the room, you’d think it were the gestapo. Reluctantly, I open the door and to my surprise, there was no one in plain sight. Until I felt a scratch at my ankle and knew before I let on, in hopes to not spoil their surprise. 

“Hi Simmy!” his snotty little face breathed with force. 

“Oh, hey Stuffy Nose! What are you doing here?!” I feigned a smile. It’s impolite to greet a guest with a grunt.

“Thought we’d get a head start and surprise you just before the start of fall!” replied his hoarse older brother, Sore Throat.

“Mighty thoughtful of you two, how long have you been travelling for –”

“We’ve been moving for days, oh, maybe even a week now. Thought we’d never emerge, major traffic accident on the VIT C Viaduct and bumper to bumper on Immunity Highway, but here we are!” ensures Poppa Migraine as he screeches and grinds through the hallway with a trunk worth a week’s stay.

“Had to make me schlep the rest of this baggage, couldn’t just lug it with you on top of that trunk, could you?!” roared Mother Head Cold before she slams her heavy bags over his trunk, the vibrations whir everyone about, “Oh hello there Simona. Been a while. Kids wanted to see you. Thought we’d –”

“Surprise me?” I indulge them, as Mother Head Cold pushes her way through the door, the rest of the family follow.

“Listen, I have a lot of work to finish up over the next couple of weeks so…”

“You won’t notice us! We promise.” as she settles in, the little ones curling up to me on the couch, Poppa Migraine hovering over my head asking all sorts of questions about my work.

“Look at all this junk food in your food cabinet!” Mother Head Cold yells from the bathroom. Damnit, she’s already up in my shit.

“Tylenol, Advil, ohhh! Aleve! Ginger Honey Lemon Drops!” horrified, “No, no, no, this just won’t do. Kids! Resist anything Auntie Simmy tries to feed you until I’m done whipping up some hearty Cold Cuts, Viral Vichyssoise, and In – Flu – Outza burgers!”

Fuck. That may take a few days. Mother Head Cold is slowed by fat ankles.


Thanks for reading everyone! It’s my way of letting you know that I will still be responding to inquiries however I may not start new work until late next week. Feel free to play editor as I wrote this in a hurried, and stuffy state. All comments are welcomed below.



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