Script Simantics offers an invaluable one-on-one service at exceptional rates, and is designed to work with seasoned writers, industry professionals, and new writers alike.

Script Simantics provides the writer with accessible, personalized service by a Certified Professional Editor and Script Analyst who strives to improve a writers’ script/ manuscript while keeping the original intent of their work.

With Script Simantics you can expect an honest script analysis with a unique voice from an experienced yet fresh perspective. I belong to a new generation of readers that is up-to-date with the latest industry trends, and I encourage but also challenge you to become an auteur in order for you stand out in today’s market.

Script Simantics is dedicated to every stage of the development and writing process of your screenplay or novel, and aims to provide you with the tools to help you write, rewrite, and package your script properly before it’s provided to agents, publishers, and producers. Every analysis through Script Simantics is detailed and exciting, and is an informative read that you will look forward to discussing with me, your analyst.


Keeping it Simple

If you’re looking for a generic “add to cart” editing or script reading service, I may not be the right fit for you.

Unlike other services, I do not keep my clients “on the clock”, nor do I create confusing, expensive, and restrictive “packages”. My services are straightforward, professional, and personalized without any added stipulations. Apart from the basic services I offer, I treat every edit, rewrite, and writing assignment on a by-project-basis because I understand the unique needs an individual and their work may require. No limits are placed on our correspondence, phone, Skype conversations, or in person meetings. I am always quick to respond to your queries, and I thrive on working on a personal level with my clients because let’s be honest here – writing is personal.