Testimonial: a formal statement testifying to someone’s character and qualifications.

The problem with testimonials is that a majority of the time, websites post fabricated testimonials in order to boost their web presence and increase a positive view of their services to potential clients. I know because I’ve been writing (and ghostwriting) creative online content for years.

Yep. Companies actually hire writers and pay them to write fake reviews. Similarly, freelancers like me handle the content of their website – often providing false testimonials as well. Just ask my good friend Barb Whitman from Santa Clarita, California:

“It’s true what they say, testimonials aren’t always honest, but they sure do look good when italicized!” – Barb 

Barb doesn’t exist.  But you knew that, right? 

For the above reason, I’m not interested in posting testimonials here. I’d rather be able to offer you what I’ve offered new clients since the very beginning: a reference you could actually contact and a writing sample.


* Sample writing/editing/analysis work is never distributed without prior written consent from previous clients.